FAT Design was commissioned to redevelop the lot from a single-storey dwelling to two double-storey townhouses.

The local council regulations depict that houses in the same street should have similar “Neighbourhood Character” in order to

maintain a harmonious streetscape. FAT Design interpreted this requirement literally, with a twist. The “Neighbourhood

character” of both sides of the street where the subject lot of land was studied carefully:

1 . the traditional gable roof with extended soffits typical of the houses along the street are modified to give a purer volumetric form;

2 . The setting back of 1/F to minimize the bulkiness of the two-storey houses along that street was interpreted as setting

back to create an outdoor patio on G/F, with a protected screen wall perforated by vertical slots to allow daylight in

while giving a layer of privacy.

…FAT Design interpreted the “Neighbourhood Character” literally, with a twist…


This gives the building a purist form while maintaining the DNA of the “Neighbourhood Character”, to which the Council

agreed and granted Planning Permission.