For a cat-loving family, a professional couple,

two lovely daughters and 5 cats

FAT Design’s exploration of how the space could be utilized has been the centre of the concept of this project: the transformable and

adaptable living room. Contrary to a typical Hong Kong living room that centres around the TV, we further studied the habit of this

couple and their two daughters that revolves around the dining table as a centre of the platform for family gathering, interaction and

sharing. As such, FAT Design proposed to combine the living and dining area. Furniture of dining table, benches and loose chairs are

carefully selected for ergonomic purpose that serves comfortably as a couch and dining chairs. The TV of secondary important is tastefully

sourced that becomes a framed artwork when not in use.

Further exploration of space involves the use of sliding partitions, to transform the living-cum-dining area into a multi-purpose living

room, becoming an extended play room for the owner’s two lovely daughters.

Attention to design details that suits the family’s living style are evident throughout the house: playful colouring of the daughters’ bunk

bed, envisaged as playhouse within a house, and random openings that encourage the children to play; lego wall that is fun to play with;

openings and by-pass routes for cats without the need to open doors.