Designed with passion

WHERE: Melbourne, Australia

WHO: Retired couple

WHEN: 2012

WHAT: Residential Townhouses


FAT Design was commissioned to redevelop the lot from a single-storey dwelling to a double-storey townhouses.

The local council required that any new built dwellings to be of the same “Neighbourhood Character” along the same street. FAT Design interpretated this requirement literally, with a twist. By carefully studying the “neighbourhood character”, the gable roof with extended soffits are modified to give a purer volumetric form of “gable”. Another “neighbourhood character” of setting back of 1/F from the G/F, was interpreted as setting back to create a terrace, with a protected screen wall perforated by vertical slots to allow daylight in while giving a c

renovate a small office with different levels of privacy – casual common area, co-working hot-desks, and private rooms. The challenge is to fit these functional requirements into a 300 sqft small box.

Coupled with the vision to provide affordable co-working spaces for his startup friends, the Client envisaged a space with flexibility and raw and robust quality. Industrialization becomes the main theme to enhance this spatial experience, which rhetorically corresponds well with the “trial-and-error” nature of start-ups. The casual common area comes in the form of bar-table height furnishings equipped with latest wireless presentation facilities, flexible enough to become meeting/presentation area and breakout area for casual gatherings.

The material palette and furnishings were chosen carefully to keep carry on the “industrial” theme, from contrasting white and dark grey colour tones, the polished concrete flooring, raw steel and hardwood timber bar-table and chairs and I-beam light fixtures.