FAT Design Studio (FAT Design) is a design studio founded by Lourance Leung (Fay) and Tony Tsui in 2014, both of which are Hong Kong Registered Architects, who collaborated since 2003 during their university years in Melbourne, Australia in school design studio to real life design works.

Having worked for large and small, local and international architectural firms in Hong Kong, both has realized architectural and interior design projects from master planning, residential developments, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, public institutions. In particular, FAT Design pays special attention to sensually approaching interior renovations in the realms of residential, commercial and hospitality.

Design Philsophy and Approach

We extract the uniqueness and beauty of each Client, brief, project, site context, and express them sensually and architecturally”

No matter how small or big, simplex or complex the project is, we see each as having its own potential ready to be expressed. We are also interested in seeing new ways to blur the given boundary of inside/outside, built form/landscape, site/urban context, theory/practice.

We paint the picture to show the potential of each project, while striving to interact with the Client, the Builder and ourselves as Designer, therefore achieving a design with Economy, Technology and Sustainability.

Awards and recognition:

  1. ACSA/AISC Student Design Competition: The new Oglethorpe Architecture School in Atlanta, USA (Honourable Mention)
  2. Western Harbour waterfront Ideas Competition (2nd prize) (Collaboration with Fay, Tony and Anika Poon)
  3. Hong Kong Science Park GIFT Competition (shortlisted)
  4. AIA Tampa Bay A new Hut Museum Competition (Juries Choice Award)
  5. HKIA Young Architect’s Award 2011 (Shortlisted)
  6. From our extensive work experience: Green Building Award, HKIA Annual Awards Winner 2008 and HKDA Annual Award Winner 2009